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Women's World Project

Step 1: Check out our website, follow our social media, and like & share at least 5 posts.

Step 2: Attend at least two of our events or refer to a friend. 

Step 3: Do two or more of the following: 

              a: up-cycle one piece of clothing 

              b: Make a collage of you and your friends wearing reusable masks

              c. Create a recycling system in your house 

              d. Make a pencil holder out of recycled water bottles 

              e. Up-cycle one item of your choice 

              f. Write a poem, short story about environmental activism

Step 4: Share this challenge with 5 or more people. 

There is no time limit to this challenge. 

Email your work to 

Complete our first sustainability challenge to experiment with upcycling!


*10 hours of community service will be granted upon completion to Growth for Green members*


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