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Women of Color 

Empowerment Project



The Women of Color Empowerment Project aims to bring light to the disadvantages experienced by women of color (WOC) as well as celebrate their accomplishments through our social media platforms and host webinars with guest speakers. Throughout history, WOC have been underrepresented in the majority of social, political, and environmental conversations. We want to educate people on BIPOC women’s experiences and the disproportionate amount of struggles they face. Through doing this, we also would like to uplift and celebrate BIPOC women. In the month of February, We will be dedicating the focus of the Women of Color Empowerment Project around the experiences of black women.

Previous Events

  • WOC Empowerment: Josse & Brown Girl Green
    Sat, Feb 12
    Online Zoom Event
    Listen to interdisciplinary strategist Josse as they describe their experiences working as a Newsletter Writer for Brown Girl Green, a media platform exploring the intersections between media, diversity, and environmentalism.
  • Woman in Computer Science
    Sat, Mar 27
    Google employee Tia Lee details how she became successful at the age of 22, and how being a woman in a male-dominated space impacted her. Join us on March 27th to hear about her story and her advice for young women interested in pursuing computer science.
  • An Influencer's Perspective
    Sat, Mar 13
    Harvard student Claria Janover describes what it is like being a Social Media Influencer, how it has impacted her life, and how being a woman of color affected that.
  • Let's talk about it: Being a Black Woman in Biology
    Sat, Mar 06
    Join us on March 6th for an exclusive event to hear from Krystle St. Juste for an insider's look of Krystle's experience dealing with racism as a black scribe and being a scribe during the COVID pandemic.
  • Social Justice Lawyering Webinar
    Sat, Feb 20
    Are you interested in social justice or pursuing law? If so, join us on Feb 20th to hear from Rutgers Law professor Sahar Aziz about her experiences, challenges, and lessons as a woman of color in law!
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