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Why We Need to Put an End to Fleabag Feminism

Dissociation was not a term associated with feminism until recently as the mindset towards feminism switched from fighting for women’s rights to approaching the harsh standards of society by falling deeper into pain. There has been a flip from actively seeking out change and going to just wallowing in our sorrows and banding together that way. This is the problem. This is the new normal.

We have all seen that trend on tik tok about the “feminine urge” to go sleep with your best friend's boyfriend, or the “feminine urge” to change completely just to feel pretty again. This all stems from the Fleabag Era. The Fleabag Era bred women who were messes, who never wanted to do anything but cry about things that were wrong, completely lost the fighting edge, and just went to sitting there and telling of their tragic lives. That’s what Dissociative Feminism is. This term was coined by a woman named Clein and it described the act of women sitting on TikTok and cynical attitude towards existence as a whole.

So why is this harmful? It promotes unhealthy habits, self-destruction, and it is dangerous. This has pushed an instinct to inflict pain on ourselves to post it and feel like maybe someone can relate to making us feel better about it. The original goal of feminism was to push anger on the patriarchy, but now, we are pushing it on ourselves. Sounds pretty anti-feminist to me.

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