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Why was the Sun Red in July?

July 19th, New York and the upper east coast, including parts of Canada, were faced with quick spreading wildfires across the area. These fires left people with quite a view soon after, a red sun. New Yorkers sat and watched the red sun, a visual beauty, but an environmental catastrophe.

This abnormality was caused due to residual smoke traveling across the United States and up towards the sky creating this red tinge to the sun. Because of these recent and more common occurring fires such as in New York, the 83 in 13 western states, and Canada, health concerns have arisen. In the most recent fire in New York, the wildfire caused the air quality index to go as high as 157, and a health danger could be presented at an index of only 100.

Thankfully, the air was supposed to get better and return to normal and it did, but if we do not put an end to climate change, next time there might not be a return. The smoke left affected the elderly, many pregnant women, causing respiratory issues and even vision impairment. This eye-catching and very apparent visual of climate change occurring at a high rate shows that we need to make a change. These fires are destroying habitats, nature, homes, as well as our common home, Earth. This is a wake-up call to America and the rest of the world to start making an active effort against climate change before there is no reverse.

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