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The Myths and Facts of Climate Change

Many believe climate change is a taboo lie created to scare us. How do we know humans caused climate change? This is a valid question, but it does have a valid answer. We know greenhouse gases, volcanic activity, solar energy, and ocean circulation are the contributing factors to the climate we experience. To determine who to blame for climate change, we look at all of the contributing factors.

Greenhouse gas emissions are made when fossil fuels like coal and gas are burned. After the industrial revolution, there was a massive spike in fossil fuel emissions. This caused global warming and this warming has continued as we have continued to burn fossil fuels. ALL temperature changes since 1950 can be blamed for global warming. And global warming is not just high temperatures, it's harsh winters as well. The planet has warmed 2 degrees (F) since the 1800s.

How Can We Stop Global Warming?

Carbon emissions are emitted by big industrial companies. The best way for us to slow down global warming is by contacting these companies and urging them to switch to more safe and gentle ways of fuel.


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