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The Issue of Overpopulation

How can we accommodate housing everyone while not impacting the environment to a certain level?

Overpopulation has been a battle people have been fighting for years and years now, but what are the possibilities we have to make sure every human being that is born on this planet gets home or more specifically, a roof over their head?

We’ve heard of many different countries and cultures where some children are being born in some seditious environments that couldn’t be called homes; or even in some other worse cases, kids have to be let go off most of the time by their life being taken away because the bigger people that have the “power” have considered that they shouldn’t live on this Earth.

What could we do, as normal, middle-class people, who want to help regarding this never-ending and miserable process?

We can offer our home to someone who needs it. We could share our food and clothes with the people who don’t even know what a piece of bread looks like.

The ones with good amounts in their pockets could try to not renew their backyard pavements every 3 weeks and instead they could give that money to a more charitable and noble cause. It would definitely be a very kind and helpful thing for us if we tried to raise money to build homes for the ones that don’t have them. To even build orphanages, because, even if the parents may be in a bad condition, their newborn could still turn out successful if they are in good and warm hands, protected from the streets.

Overpopulation is a process that is continuously growing only because we make it look like a big problem. It’s our fault that this term has turned out to be a scary one still in the year 2021 approaching 2022 when we almost have the ability to create anything and everything only by pressing a button.

Now, of course, building an enormous amount of houses and buildings would obviously mean fewer trees, fewer forests, fewer plants, less oxygen, and so on, but that’s exactly where the technology developed by now should interfere.

What if, the scientists and everyone involved in overgrowing and developing the technology would come up with some sort of non-toxic material, resistant enough to mother nature’s phenomena that we could build our houses from? Then, we would still live in an almost healthy environment and the fauna and flora around us won’t suffer as much. That is, of course, a “what if” question that will maybe never be answered, but at least we could try to ask ourselves that.

Another very good solution to this situation, which would benefit in these both ways we are trying to combine, would be making houses or using the ones existing or transforming some of the ones already there into homes for the ones who are not very fortunate into having a house. The thing would actually be for all these houses to be in the countryside. In little villages where you can see fields and trees and lands and crops all over and almost not even a building. Of course, still having the needed conditions so you could live properly, but living in the countryside and getting a proper education so you could then choose your path in life further on and not regret that you didn’t have at least the roof over your head that you would’ve wished for.

All of these solutions may or may not be efficient enough, but as middle class, normal people, we should find the courage and the wish to get together and create this one big voice that could speak as loud as possible so it is heard by the powers that drive this Earth so they help us do something regarding this matter and the many many other ones that are waiting in line to be heard and helped.

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