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The Effects of Deforestation on Humanity

Deforestation is a process that has been going on at large mass in every part of the world. Every country and city on the planet has some sort of reason for why they absolutely need to cut some trees and free that area. Usually, the number one reason for this process to happen so frequently is building something for humans that couldn’t be built between the trees.

Of course, deforestation also has more plausible reasons on why it happens, like the Amazonian forest for example, where because of climate change, the tropics have become hotter and the trees in that area have started to catch on fire. That is why the ability of outdoor workers to perform their jobs safely has been reduced and the conclusion was that the safest and fastest method in which the workers could reduce the risk of job unsafety was by cutting the trees and plants in that area.

Basically, the situation we’ve just given above is the perfect example of what Mother Nature always uses in her actions, called a vicious circle. People swear by the method of deforestation in order to protect the human race from unsafe environments provoked by climate change, this process itself has been associated once again with deforestation.

Obviously, there are a lot more factors that contribute to climate change, but deforestation is one of them and in the first place, before climate change appeared a long time ago, this process of killing the flora was actually created in order for the human race to evolve and develop new projects that needed big amounts of space.

Also, another endangering factor of deforestation is losing the oxygen that the plants and trees give us. Yet again another circle of life, not so vicious its presence as it is its unpresence. By slowly getting rid of all the plants and trees in certain areas of the world we might give carbon dioxide to them but not get enough oxygen as we need.

Other than a beautiful hotel with a nice mountain view or a bank that finances you in getting an apartment and keeping your money, the cons may seem a bit higher than the pros in this situation. Even the air seems fresher when you go into the woods to escape from the polluted, unbreathable air of the city. The nature around us is beneficial in many ways and because of daily comfort creating projects and pieces of brick, we throw all of those benefits away in order to create something good for us when in reality we put ourselves in danger even more.

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