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Miss Universe Andrea Meza and her impact

Andrea Meza is a software engineer of Mexico who was crowned 69th Miss Universe.

The concept of Miss Universe can be a very harsh subject sometimes due to people’s conceptions that these beautiful women that participate in this contest have no brains and only get trophies for the way they look, but that is actually a misconception.

Software engineer Andrea Meza is surprisingly more athletic and environmentally involved than you’d think. She happens to have an athletic side to her also. Miss Universe is a pro basketball player and can even do a few tricks with the ball not being shy at all to show them off. She had some pre pageant activities in which she won the sports challenge as well.

Along with her fascinating sporting skills, Andrea has shown all over social media and in real life that she is also aware of the social cases happening in the world right now. Being a woman she wants to support her gender and so that is why Meza is working with the Municipal Institute for Women (INMUJERES) that has its origins in Mexico and is working in relations with women’s rights and body positivity. Regarding this subject of loving your body the way it is Andrea has been very vocal about it and she wants her followers and fans to embrace their figure no matter how it looks.

As mentioned before, Andrea has a degree in software engineering. By having a job in a male dominated field such as engineering she feels empowered and she tends to empower a lot of young women who are too afraid to do such a thing. On other terms she also knows her ways in the makeup field. Andrea is a proud engineer who knows how to do certified great makeup, being also a Makeup Artist and a model.

Now, her hometown in Mexico also screams of happiness and economic gain, because the beautiful Miss Universe seems to be the Tourism Brand Ambassador of the city Chihuahua.

By now we all know that the subject of veganism and going animal product free is a 2 sided subject that will probably never be fully agreed by some, but from Andrea’s perspective, this subject is something that she 100% supports.

She has taken this role seriously, knowing she is an influence to a lot of people, trying to help save the animals and the world by actually eating environmentally friendly foods herself.

PETA has helped Meza promote her wish to stop animal abuse and suffering. By posing in a colorful fruit, vegetable and flower crown in an ad for this company, with the message “Go Vegan for the Universe”, Miss Universe hopes to help protect the planet, promote a healthy living and yet again protect the animal beings on this Earth. One of her ideas for advertising and promoting this subject was to make a short video for PETA inviting people to go vegan and to try a vegan Christmas and see how they feel. She suggested people had at least one vegan meal on the Christmas table to make one step forward into changing their eating habits.Trying things like replacing cow’s milk with almond milk or other plant based milks are some small adjustments you can do to go into the healthier version of eating.Andrea mentioned some alternatives for the usual animal meat by replacing the meat with vegan meat found in supermarkets or cooking with tofu, mushrooms and other varieties of textures and tastes to not make your plate feel bland and untasty.

Andrea Meza is a woman who showed us that the concept of this pageant competition of the world is not only based off of beauty and looks, but on more than that, and she also proved that inside a beautiful and aesthetic head, there is an even more beautiful brain filled with great thoughts, ideas and full of intelligence and devotion to the world.

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