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Is water scarcity an issue?

As a definition, we could categorize water scarcity as a deficiency or a lack of water or supplies of that sort. This horrifying process is strongly growing because of the unstoppable growth of the population which therefore influences climate changes. Climate change is terribly affecting the water quantities on the planet, being the number one factor of this problem. And yes! It is an issue! A very concerning one.

It has been researched that at the moment every continent on our planet is affected by water scarcity. The lack of water and the slow decrease of it in large masses could get the human population extinct at some point. It would be a total disaster for the humanoid race if water would disappear from Earth. Continents such as Africa or even most of China are in serious danger because of the scarcity and because of its pollution, the two phenomenons being caused by and causing climate change as they are presented.

This issue has appeared also because of the overuse of water. Nowadays the overuse is increasing daily, people use more amounts than needed that way actually wasting enormous quantities of water. When washing a teaspoon that you stirred in your morning coffee with, do you actually need the tap running water continuously or is it just a lack of interest?

Just think about it! Water is everywhere!

Our bodies are 60% water, water covers 70% of our planet, the flora and fauna also need water to survive as well as humans. How can it not be a threat when water is this vital element that circulates everywhere.

Water scarcity can lead to inadequate situations where sanitation is poor and this actually is a real experience for almost 2.4 billion people, leaving them exposed to diseases and water-borne illnesses. It has been researched that two million people, mostly children, die each year because of water scarcity.

Rivers, lakes, and aquifers are drying up or becoming too polluted to use. More than half of the world's wetlands have completely disappeared and there would not really be any chance of getting them back. Agriculture is also a field that consumes so much of our water resources, being one of the areas that use water as a vital element as well. Because climate change is developing from year to year it has been altering paths for so long that areas in the world where it should rain all year have gone desertified while others have too much and there come to the floods that are not beneficial in any way because all they do is damage and drown everything there is.

The conclusion here would be just that water scarcity is not a subject to laugh about, much less ignore. It is an issue that should be given major priority because if not solved it could cause death and extinction of the human race.

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