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Important Female Figures in Climate Change

As the fight for climate change activism becomes direr, there are women who we can thank for taking action and being leaders in this fight.

Some of the most important aspects when it comes to activism against climate change include Policy, law, and indigenous activism.

Policy: Rhiana Gunn-Wright is a remarkable author and advocate. She is the climate policy director at Roosevelt Institute and Yale education as well as an Oxford Rhodes Scholar education. She played a huge role in creating policy in the Green New Deal and worked closely with AOC when she did so.

Law: Tessa Khan uses the power of law to draw attention to the climate crisis we are currently facing. After she heard of a lawsuit in the Hague court ruling in favor of those protesting gas emissions, she too used the law to mitigate what she calls refers to “one of the biggest systemic threats” to international human rights. She founded the Climate Litigation Network and uses her skills to fight for the planet.

Indigenous Activism: Hindou Oumarou Ibrahim is a Chadian geographer and activist. She wanted to show people “what it is like in [her]

country.” During the climate change meetings in Paris, she was a key player in being a voice for many indigenous groups who had less representation. She coordinated the Association of Peul Women which focuses on women's rights, as well as environmental advocacy, and she also was the co-director of the pavilion of the World Indigenous Peoples’ Initiative.

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