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Hurricane Ida

What happened?

Hurricane Ida recently made its way from the Caribbean Sea as a category 2 storm to the southeast coast of the United States. The first place hit was Louisianna and the hurricane has shown no signs of stopping, as it has now made its way as far up as Maine. On August 29, the storm went from category 2 to 4 and hit Louisianna hard. Millions are suffering in the heat with no power, shelter, and barely any of their belongings. Few have died, but many have lost more than one can imagine.

It is now classified as one of the top 5 biggest hurricanes to ever hit the States and is continuing to destroy more. Hurricane Ida had winds of 157mph and higher and coincidentally landed on the 17th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

What is being done to help?

President Biden approved the request for funding to help the state of Louisiana get back on its feet with federal funding. Associations like World Vision and many others are sending supplies such as food, water, clothing, and makeshift shelter down to help with the disaster the hurricane left.

What can we do to help?

Donate. Anything is appreciated. Toiletries, clothing, food, care packages. The people of Louisiana have lost so much due to this terrifying storm and need help.

Some organizations to look into:

  • The Relief Gang: created in the midst of Hurricane Harvey, volunteers are doing search and rescues.

  • Americares: global health nonprofit, and disaster relief. Delivering supplies and offering medical care

  • World Central Kitchen: on the ground in Louisiana feeding those who have no other way of getting it in the middle of all the chaos

  • The Humane Society: helping animals who have been affected by natural disasters

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