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How To Compost (Living More Sustainably)

Composting is a very effective and resourceful way to be sustainable in your everyday life. It adds more nutrients, moisture, and oxygen back into the soil that will help the ecosystem thrive. You can compost kitchen scraps, coffee filters, fireplace ashes, leaves, animal fur, and even sawdust. Composting keeps materials out of landfills and allows them to be repurposed into support systems for the environment. When you have amazing compost, you have an amazing garden!

You can begin your compost with an enclosed bin and a few inches of twig and sawdust. Then add your kitchen scraps, lawn scraps, or nitrogen-based material into the bin in layers. Then you’re done! Now, You just need to be sure to keep your compost pile moist and covered to retain water and heat. Turn your bin around every few weeks to promote oxygen distribution.

Composting is a super simple way to put your leftover things to use. Everyone has apple peels, grass clippings, and water, by starting your own compost bin for your household, you are inspiring others to live sustainably just like you.




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