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Beginning of Summer: How to take action for the environment

As the Summer season is right around the corner, Mother Nature seems to be eyeing us out pretty good.

Sudden temperature rises due to climate change, leaves and fruits in trees growing slower than they normally would have, arid soils and many other problems that seem to occur even faster from Summer to Summer, from year to year and from season to season.

Our mission should be to take care of this beloved environment that surrounds us every day and night.

What we can do, as human beings living in this ecosystem that gives us life and inner peace and relaxation is to find ways to help our surroundings.

Firstly, we could try walking more and leaving our cars and gas emanating vehicles at home. Once the hot weather is here, walking from one point to another seems much more doable compared to when it’s colder or rainier outside. So next time when you’re thinking about going to the grocery store to get your vegetables for your next salad this upcoming Summer, get your bike or your own legs and have a stroll or a walk through the park and then to your destination.

Second of all, many of us will be going to the beach this Summer, because it’s a common thing people do when hot weather approaches. So then, what you can do is grab a biodegradable or a sewn material bag with you and put your trash in it until you find a way to throw all of it in a garbage can. Save marine life, prevent water pollution and also, be the first to make a change in getting to a clean and rubbish-free environment when going to the beach or to any public place for that matter.

With that being said, the beach is not the only place you should consider recycling and taking care of where your rubbish is thrown. Anywhere you’ll go to this Summer, make sure you keep an eye on this matter, at least on your behalf, because we can’t all obey some simple rules, but once a lot more people will be capable of taking this simple advice, the flow will grow quicker and this might be a very efficient solution to prevent pollution in the environment.

Try something new in the matter of food.

This topic doesn’t necessarily imply going vegan or vegetarian, but you could try alternatives to meat and lactates and animal products in general. Instead of doing your morning run and then going to a barbecue where you’ll be eating all sorts of steaks and meat products, try going for a salad. How about even growing your own vegetable garden in your backyard or on your balcony in little pots, actually? You could also get your family involved in this too.

Getting your loved ones involved in environmentally friendly activities won’t hurt anyone, especially nature.

So there you have them, some useful tips on preventing the ruins of the environment. Don’t forget that this word environment holds more to it that it actually sounds and that this simple word actually has us as a race in there also. By not protecting it, we are putting ourselves in danger and at risk along with all the creatures around us.

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