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Women of Color Empowerment Project (Resumes Every Spring) 

Aims to shed light on the disadvantages experienced by Women of Color (WOC), as well as their accomplishments and triumphs.

We have been able to get many inspirational individuals to speak at our events like Josse from Brown Girl Green, Claira Janover, Tia Lee Fowlkes, and many more!

Phone banking/Cleanups (Ongoing)

We understand that our members may also want to advocate against the environmental issues/injustices we discuss in our events— which is why we have established our phone banking/clean-up initiatives! Last year we had success with the South Florida Recycling issue phone banking initiative and hope to continue making an impact through our cleanups as well. Want to organize a phone banking iniative and/or clean up near you? Fill out the form and we'll get back to you with what we can do! 

Career Week 
esumes Every Spring) 

Event dedicated to female empowerment in the environmental, political, and social sectors that have been working to make our world a better place. Our past speakers have included Professor Sahar Aziz, Jessica Ford, and many more! 

Discussion for the World Events 

In the past, we have had great success with our DFTW world events as they've led to impact through challenges, discourse, cleanups, phone-banking and much more. We hope to continue this tradition and encourage you all to sign up!  

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