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The Growth for Green team is constantly trying to develop new activities for our members and ambassadors to participate to constantly stay on top of raising climate change awareness. 

Members of Growth for Green will be offered sustainability events and challenges throughout the year. It's a great way to stay educated and active in climate activism. 

Become a Member 


Private Parties
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Women's World Project

Complete our first sustainability challenge and earn up to10 hours of community service


Career Week

Highlighting careers of women, especially women of color, who are making a difference in the environmental, social, and political sectors. 

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Discussion for the World

Join us for a live discussion among people from all over the U.S to exchange ideas and connect with different people. 

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Weekly Challenge

Short activities for you to be more involved in the climate crisis topic. Updated weekly. 

Weekly EcoChallenges are currently on pause until April. Please check back then for updated challenges! 


Community Service

As a part of Growth for Green, there are many opportunities to help your community, and to receive community service hours. 

Ways to gain community service include:

Participating in challenges 

Attending events 

If Applicable: 

Join our Growth for Green cleanups and our in-person information sessions on environmental discussions happening in our communities. 

The amount of hours that will be received for each activity will be indicated in the activity's description

For the opportunity to gain 1+ community service hours and have your voice featured on Growth for Green's Instagram and Newsletter, check this out:

For the chance to gain up to 15 community service hours, check out Growth for Green's Sustainable Youth Challenge

Leadership Positions/ Internships

The opportunity of a leadership position will be given to select applicants who demonstrate passion, hard work, dedication, and willingness to help the environment.

One can apply to one of the following teams:

Out Reach: Marketing Team:


Applicants have creative marketing ideas that can help spread our message, be familiar with typical marketing strategies, and have an open mind.

Creative Team:

Applicants have an eye for colors and be able to bring creative ideas to team projects. Must be willing to spend time creating artwork for posts and website design.

Out Reach + Event Planning Team:

Applicants must have creative ideas for events, activities, and other ways to get involved. They must maintain organization and willingness to work hard toward creating engaging challenges

Journalism Team:

Applicants must be eloquent and well-spoken. This job would include writing blurbs for the weekly blog, captions for Instagram posts, doing research, and potentially a future newsletter

Applications Are Open!

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