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Discussions for the World 

 Our organization invites the climate-curious from all over the world to have critical conversations about current climate topics to develop a holistic view on the world's climate situation. In the beginning of 2023, we will have had over 65 Discussion of the World Events throughout the four years of being established. Many of our events focus on topics of environmental justice in communities across the world, and other DFTW events have focused on environmental issues in local communities. These events have made Growth for Greeners more educated on these issues and have made us launch many of our advocacy/impact iniatives such as phone banking, cleanups, and sustainability challenges.  We encourage you to get involved and propose environmental issues/topic that are important to you for future discussions using the link below: 


Discussion for the World Event Proposal.




Our Next Discussion

 More discussions are being prepared. Join our email list to know when they go live!


Discussion for the World is currently ongoing. Remember: to join you must be a GFG member so be sure to sign up, and all Discussion for the World topics for that week will be posted on our Instagram stories @growthforgreen! 

Looking to get involved further? Check out the Greener World Challenge!

Most Popular Past Discussions 

10/10/20- California & Amazon Rain Forest Wild Fires


10/24/20- The Beauty Industry and Sustainability: What Can We Do?

12/5/2020-The Eco-Gender Gap 

1/9/2021- Arctic Wildlife Refuge Oil Drilling

1/16/2021 - Displacement of Toxic Waste

3/13/2021: Recycling Issues in Florida 



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