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Growth for Green Newsletter

Stay in the loop with Growth for Green's Newsletter! Here you will find information about ways to take action, events and challenges pertaining to Growth for Green, and more. Check it out!

The Women's World Project

We are thrilled to present to you our first-ever “challenge” called the Women’s World Project. This project is a great way to make your daily life more sustainable, and to have fun while doing it! The project consists of 4 steps, ranging from checking out our social media platforms to using your own creativity to develop awesome crafts and projects that are beneficial for the environment. There is no time limit, due date, or limit to how many times you can complete the project, and each time it is completed you will gain 10 community service hours. This is a great way to use your creativity and inspiration to benefit the environment and to gain community service hours, even during the pandemic. We encourage you to share this project with any friends or family members that may be interested as well, regardless if they are a member or not. We are so excited to see all of the amazing things you come up with!

Fire Works - What's The Big Deal?

Citizens have been losing sleep constantly hearing fireworks throughout Quarantine. Although fireworks make a great view, citizens losing sleep to them isn’t the only issue fireworks bring. Fireworks contain metal salts and explosives that go through a chemical change and release carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and nitrogen, which are few of the many primary greenhouse gases responsible for climate change. The metal salts don’t deteriorate after the explosion and continue to stay in the air, water, and soil. Air pollution rates have been growing rapidly, click the petition to help support our cause and for further information on fireworks affecting our environment. 


Ways to Help the Environment

-Use reusable face masks 

-Unplug chargers after use

-Turn off fans and lights after you leave the room

-Use cloth napkins and reusable silverware

-Conserve water

-Create a compost bin!

For more information, check out our instagram @ycacwomensleadership

Write for the World Competition

The Write for the World Competition is a monthly opportunity to submit articles. You receive 1 hour of community service for each submission, and, if you win, your article will be featured in the Growth for Green Newsletter!

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