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 About  Us 

Growth for Green is a student-founded and run organization that empowers youth to help our environment. Our organization works towards empowering communities that have been disproportionately impacted by environmental issues and embolden the voices of those that are most often suppressed

Meet the Directors/Executives



Aayushi is a senior at the Wardlaw + Hartridge school in New Jersey. She enjoys working out, singing, dancing, the arts, cooking, Latin, math, history, and writing. Aayushi has always been passionate about environmental change/feminism as a Content Producer for FPYC. As Aayushi has strived for change in the environment within her community, she brings her passion for activism and change to Growth for Green, to not only help the environment on a larger scale, but to help empower young women through intersectional environmental activism.

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Former Board Member

Olivia is a senior at Gloucester County Institute of Technology in New Jersey. There she studies Computer Science, but has found a way to work her passion for the environment in through Growth for Green. Olivia enjoys playing tennis, cheering, working out, and baking! She lives in a town surrounded by forests, so hiking and camping have always been important to her. Olivia is the head of Web Design and has recently been elected to Co-CEO, where she hopes to implement projects within local communities to foster a more sustainable world. 


Creative Team Director/Cofounder

Jamie Wei is a junior at Eleanor Roosevelt High School in NYC. She loves to travel, draw, take photos, and run cross country. During a trip to Iceland, she saw the impact of global warming on the local icebergs. This made her realize the urgency of raising awareness to halt global warming. Inspired by the strength and resilience of the strong women in her family to always work hard, she believes the importance of empowering women to be their most powerful self. Jamie started working with Growth for Green to use her voice and artistic skills to support girls her age and to advocate for climate change awareness.


Social Media Director and Journalism Team Director/Cofounder

Lila is a sophomore at Beacon High School, in upstate New York. She enjoys taking dance classes, especially ballet, writing, baking, and learning about ideas that inspire her. Ever since she was little, she has taken a deep interest in all things environmentally related, and even becoming vegan in early March of 2019. She has always been inspired by current events, especially when it comes to advocacy and change in women’s rights and environmental justice. Co-founding Growth for Green has helped her to highlight and take charge of important current events while taking action for the better through women empowerment and environmental action.


Journalism Team Co-President 

Erin is a sophomore at Francis Lewis High School. She enjoys reading, traveling, watching shows, and educating others. One of her biggest passions is going around the world and exploring different cultures. She loves to see how beautiful the environment is from various different perspectives. Erin took part in the Growth for Green movement because she wanted to voice her thoughts on preserving the environment with other supportive girls who felt the same. 


Social Media Co-Director/Co- Secretary

Sarah is a junior at Old Bridge High School in NJ. She enjoys traveling, nature, and the ocean. She plays piano and is on her high school's tennis team. Her passion for seeing the world and wanting to explore different cultures and the earth's natural elements have made her passionate about advocating for environmental change. She stands for activism and empowering women and that is why she is a part of Growth for Green.

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Nayeli Rojas is a sophomore at Brick Township High School in New Jersey. Nayeli loves to run and has been running cross country and track for four years now. One of her biggest dreams is to run for the Stanford team in the future. She enjoys everything s.t.e.m related but more specifically she likes learning about the environment, computer science, physics, engineering, and medicine. Nayeli loves to learn and educate herself on mental health and social justice issues. In an effort to reduce her carbon footprint Nayeli went vegan 2 years ago and also reduced her family’s meat and dairy intake. Her goal for Growth for Green is to educate others about climate change using facts and to close the gender gap in stem fields.


CFO - Chief Fundraising Officer 

Hailey is a sophomore at Colonie Central High School in New York. She enjoys traveling, soccer, science, and art. She also plays the clarinet and cello. Hailey loves nature and wildlife, and her passion for protecting it is what led her to joining Growth for Green. Through this organization, she is looking forward to spreading awareness on various environmental issues occurring in our world today.


Co-HR Director 

Natalia Mathias is a junior at North Brunswick Township High school in NJ. A few of her hobbies include competitive swimming, piano, traveling, and nature. She loves biology and science and wishes to pursue a career in the healthcare field. She joined Growth for Green to take action and fight for the Earth. Through this she wants to empower women to take a stance on current issues. Natalia deeply feels that with her compassion and desire to make a difference, she can spread awareness to others.


Former Board Member

Former Board Member 

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