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Join Our Greener World Challenge!
Made up of three initiatives, this challenge aims to make positive changes within our schools and communities

Our Mission

Growth for Green's mission is to create a safe place where young people are able to act towards a more sustainable environment, but also create a more intersectional environmental movement while making a direct environmental impact. We work on the basis of educating, encouraging, and empowering our audience to make sure the voice of the youth is heard, and making it a constant force for the betterment of others. We strive to foster change within both local and international communities and encourage our members to initiate that positive change.

What We've Done 

Want to get involved with Growth For Green? 

Our events are usually open to members only. Our events aim to engage youth in active conversation about social and environmental topics that school doesn't cover. We will also grant you community service hours upon completion of our challenges

Check out more about how to get involved with Growth for Green here! 

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